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Who are you listening to?

Who is speaking truth into your life today?

Who are the voices that share encouragement, call you higher, tell you the truth even when it’s uncomfortable, help guide your thinking so you don’t go down a mental spiral, and anchor you in truth that withstands challenge?

Let’s be honest, the majority of voices around us don’t make our souls stronger.

The news doesn’t.

Arguments on Facebook don’t.

Opinions on social aren’t.

Netflix, I doubt it.

Books, maybe.

Friends, it depends.

I’m sensitive to the input around me. Garbage in leads to garbage out - in my mind, mouth + posture. For example, the urgency + negativity from watching the News creates anxiety. The Real Housewives lead me to think my friends talk about me behind my back. Scrolling social often leaves me feeling undisciplined, confused and a bit like a stalker. Connecting with people who want to argue, change my views, or spew negativity depletes me.

The soul depleting influences will remain - I don’t suggest hiding. Instead, let’s counteract them. The balance of good, positive, helpful, encouraging and hopeful things must outweigh the negative. It requires intention.

Authors can be guides, mentors and teachers. (We don’t even have to agree with everything they say.)

Podcasts can expand our thoughts, ideas and expose us to other people’s experiences.

Book/Bible studies can take us deeper into topics we want/need to learn about.

Church - Let the pastor teach you, but find a group to engage with. It’s the personal connections that will bring life change.

Therapist - it’s not easy for me to ask for help or be in process. My therapist is a safe place I can be fully exposed and safe. He helps me share the things I want to avoid, knows when to hold space for me to heal, when to speak truth to my wounded parts, and when to help me grow and stretch into a healthier version of myself.

12 Step programs - if you want real, raw and honest truth, attend a meeting. It will be entertaining and enlightening. There’s no fluff in a good 12-step meeting.

Mentor Friendships - get some relationships that are healthier than you. People who are 1-3 steps farther on their path in any area (finances, health, spiritually, relationally, professionally, emotionally). Listen to them, learn from them, make positive steps based on what you learn.

Soul-Sister Friends, get at least one. Pray for God to give you one. He will. There are many soul starved women looking for a true friend. Put in the effort to find her. You need each other.

Sister, if the balance of truth, positivity and good isn't larger than the input of the negative - I encourage you to make a change. Today. In the next hour. What can you do differently to change the ratio? Post a comment, email or shout out what you did so I can cheer you on.

We are in this together - while apart. Encouragement isn't limited to in-person gatherings and it certainly won't be shut down by Covid. Let's point each other to truth + hope.

If you need someone to be this voice in your life, join me at Mending the Soul online each month. It's my honor and passion to speak truth + light into weary souls. Join me.

Sending you love, courage, strength, hope + a big hug, Sister!!!


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