Speaking to the souls of women

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I'm Kirsten, wife, mom, + freedom fighter! My passion is to see women walk in the freedom + power we ALREADY have. I lovingly + boldly invite people into deeper conversations with themselves, God + each other.

My journey includes losing my mom to cancer at age 12, struggling with unresolved grief, emotionally immaturity, hiding/striving/performing, and coping/numbing/denial for decades. When the weight was too heavy to carry, I got honest and asked for help. I learned release through surrender, freedom + wholeness through transparency, and found true community through the love, truth + grace of the family of God, 12-Step Recovery + a great therapist. My passion is sharing my story so you can connect with yours + the epic redemption story God offers all of humanity. I'm no expert - I'm still on my journey. Let's learn from each other as we grow.

I live in Orange County, CA with my husband Jose + two daughters. I've led MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), Bible Studies, Mending the Soul and Emotionally Healthy Discipleship courses. I LOVE to speak via Zoom at retreats, women's ministry events and MOPS groups.

Covid became an invitation to offer Mending the Soul online with a new topic monthly. Recordings of each topic are available for replay. Carve out an hour and connect with God, yourself and your story. You will be refreshed and encouraged. Or gift a recording to a friend who needs it. $10 per recording. Payment through Venmo @Kirsten-Casillas, or PayPay @kirstencasillas.


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MOPS Speaking Topics (In-person, Live Zoom or Pre-recorded):

  • Kick-off/Opening Session - A welcoming, affirming and encouraging first day. Relatable, funny and hope-filled. Moms will be inspired to connect and lean in. Often described as "The best first day speaker!" (In-person, Live Zoom or Pre-recorded)

  • Decide to Rise (MOPS Theme) - An inspiring and authentic presentation on the 2020-21 theme. Shared in story format to help moms envision would it could look like in their life to Be Strong, Do Your work, and Chase Joy. (In-person, Live Zoom or Pre-recorded)

  • Power of Story - COVID edition - We are living in a historic time. What is the story you tell yourself about this time? We have more power than we recognize to change our perspective in the midst of hard times. The hard and holy always coexist.  Encouraging and practical ideas to seek out the holy in the middle of the hard. (In-person or Live Zoom)

  • Intentional Christmas -  A no shame discussion about what Christmas looks like with little ones + an invitation to intention. (In-person, Live Zoom or Pre-recorded)

  • Making Space to live To the Full (John 10:10) - Clearing out the things that get in the way of fun, freedom & connection. (In-person or Live Zoom)

  • Emotionally Healthy Parenting - Move from default parenting to intentional parenting. (In-person or Live Zoom)

  • Final Session - Wrap up the session with reflection, inspiration + encouragement to continue to live in community. (In-person, Live Zoom or Pre-recorded)






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