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Cancer free + on fire!!!

Pardon me for not updating the blog sooner. It has been a journey since my April 16, 2022 post!!! Thank you for praying for me through ovarian cancer treatment. The care and love my family and I received has been healing and beautiful. We are humbled and grateful.

Praise God there is no ovarian cancer in my body!!! After 6 rounds of chemo and a full hysterectomy with a scraping of my stomach lining to ensure no cancer remained, my Dr. confirmed there was no evidence of disease. It was only Stage 1. It is a miracle they found it and it hadn't spread before it was found. Every day, when I'm not blissfully forgetting about cancer, I am thankful beyond measure.

Cancer has changed me in many ways. More will be revealed as I process and share. Those close to me have already mentioned some changes. A friend told me, "You have a special calmness, peace, and warmth about you. You were always all those things, but it seems to be at a deeper level." Wow. It's hard to receive, but I'm trying to let that sacred compliment soak in deep.

That's all for now. I just wanted to update those who hadn't heard the great news. I will be processing and making meaning out of this season of my life forever, but as of today, I am doing really, really good. Physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, I'm stronger than ever. Gratitude makes all the difference. My husband and kids have journeyed courageously too and it feels so good to be on the other side of treatment.

So, what am I doing now??? Being a wife, mom, speaker, homeschool teacher, and friend. Life is slower by choice. It's not perfect or easy, but it is

Here is a huge, soul-filling hug from me for being with me through this chapter of my story. Thankfully God has more for me on this side of Heaven, and I'm on fire to experience all of it!


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