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1. Get it done. 2. With a good attitude.

Our newest family mantra. Both are expected.

Get it done. We have to get stuff done. Stuff we like to do + stuff we

don’t like. Easy things. Hard things. Fun work. Mundane work. It’s true for all of us. Waiting until we want to isn’t necessary. Get it done.

Getting it done is only half of the task. A good attitude is part of the assignment. Whether it’s school, chores or life. Whining, arguing, complaining or fighting against reality makes the work feel harder, take longer, and it’s annoying. Resistance shuts down creativity. Changing our attitude changes our focus from the problem to a solution.

We are using our new mantra often...

3 more days of schooling at home Work Taxes Cleaning up after ourselves Wearing a mask Waiting in line Cooking Dishes Laundry Entertaining ourselves

Every hour we get to choose. One, none or both.

Cheering you on as you Get it Done with a Good Attitude.

It will take effort. That’s why rest is essential. We slow down on weekends and observe Sabbath. It refreshes and enables us to have a good attitude.

Get it done. With a good attitude. The weekend is coming.


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