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Presence, comfort & light

Presence, comfort and light.

Words I'm leaning into this holiday season. Words I want to embody.

Learning to manage my time and energy in order to reflect presence, comfort and light takes effort. I have to be responsible with my minutes. To invest them for the maximum return. I can’t say yes to everything and everyone and still offer presence, comfort and light. When I get depleted and exhausted, I'm distracted and hurried, irritable and dark. Ugh, reality is hard.

I said no several times this week as graciously as I could so I could guard my limits. When I don't honor my limits, I can't be who I want to be. I vocalized boundaries even when it was hard (disappointing people still feels horrible). I WANT to do everything, but I can’t. When I don’t honor my limits, my people (me, my husband and kids) feel it first.

As an over-functioner, people come to me for advice, guidance, and counsel. What an honor - and a responsibility.

This is the truth for all of us...

There are many things we CAN do, but we need to say no in order to focus on things that ONLY we can do.

I don’t want someone else to be wife to my husband or to mother my kids - these are roles I want to live 100%. So, at times, I need to say no to things someone else can do. Even if they won’t like my no.

I can waste my day away with a little yes here and there on things that aren’t my priorities. Pouring into the many requires a higher level of responsibility with my minutes. If I have limited hours to get stuff done (we all do), where will I invest them?

People are longing for an invitation. People are hoping someone will include them. Sometimes our “no” is necessary to create another persons “yes”.

All this to say, I’m choosing YOU Blooming Faith Readers!!! I’m keeping your faces in the forefront of my mind. YOU are my yes. I’ve been inconsistent with the blog and things are changing. I won't overwhelm your inbox, but I will check in more frequently.

I will be sharing some of my thoughts from my Christmas as a Mom – Amazon & Target or Jesus & Mary presentation. THIS is my yes. Speaking to the hearts of MOPS mamas 8 times before the end of the year and sharing nuggets with you through the blog.

I want to put my energy into encouraging women (including myself) to choose what matters. To invest our time, energy and money into our values. To be intentional. Let's start now - with Christmas.

I’m choosing Christ this Christmas. The calling He has given me. The people He has given me. The freedom He has given me.

The rest of 2019 will NOT be spent grasping for deals, running around like a maniac, stressed and anxious to get it all done - because I’m choosing what matters over Christmas Crazy. What matters are my people (not all the people), my values (not the pressures that vie for my reaction) and the special calling God has given me to speak to the souls of women. What a gift this holiday season will be if I can remember what matters. What do you want to remember as you prepare for Christmas?

I will be in your inbox soon, spreading presence, comfort and light!


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When is the next MENDING THE SOUL ? I'm looking forward to it!

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