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Jumping off the sideline of fear

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

This quote from Myquillin Smith ( speaks freedom to my soul. She’s a home blogger and author referring to decorating and making your home cozy. This quote gave me a new perspective for my home and my LIFE. Yes, I modified how I decorate my home, I enjoy it more and I invite others into our home when it isn’t party perfect. I also use this quote to remind me to show up in my life when I am less than confident, when I feel eh on the inside and outside, and when I don't feel totally prepared. I really need it on days when I make a mistake or drop the ball again. This quote reminds me to enjoy my life because it’s beautiful RIGHT NOW. I don’t put things on hold (anymore) until they are perfect - perfect is an illusion.

So, today, December 30, 2018 we latch the Blooming Faith Ministries website and blog. It’s not perfect-but it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to birth an idea into reality. It’s beautiful to take a step forward instead of wait in fear on the sidelines. It’s beautiful to see a journey of healing, wholeness and redemption that came from pain and loss when our daughter Chloe Faith was delivered stillborn in 2008.

God has brought beauty from ashes. I am in awe of all that God has done in those 10 years - healing through surrender, wholeness through transparency, life giving community, beautiful blooms after necessary pruning, mission and passion, and preparation for all that God envisions Blooming Faith Ministries to be and do. I feel like I am living an epic redemption story.

Launching the website on the last days of 2018, when it’s in progress is a marker. LIFE is in progress. Life is beautiful even in the in-between, imperfection and uncertainty. I will never have it all figured out, I'm going to show up with what I have to offer right now.

Through Blooming Faith Ministries, I will share my experience, strength and hope in person at speaking events and through the blog and website. My desire is to provide a safe place for women to connect with themselves, God and others. I hope to engage, encourage, and inspire a community of women to live their epic redemption story. There is beauty available for everyone of us - no exclusions.

New life, hope and adventures await you. Jump in. Get off the sidelines - fear doesn't have to grip you. Make a decision, take an action step toward a dream. Do it today. Don't wait until January 1. Do it in 2018. Or do it on January 7 - just move forward, even a tiny step.

Let me know in the comments how you are honoring your journey right here, right now.

  • What is beautiful in your life today?

  • What is one fearless step you will take in 2019 to strengthen who you are on the inside?

Sister, there is always beauty to be found. Honor it. Move toward it.


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