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I see my child when I look at yours

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. This is my shout out to parents of children with three 21’s. Your kids move me. I stop to see them and soak in their huge love, big smiles and beautiful faces. They remind me of our daughter Chloe Faith who was diagnosed with fatal Down Syndrome in 2008. Pardon my attentiveness as I watch your precious children. I’m appreciating them and thinking about my baby girl. I’m enjoying the way your son/daughter is thriving in life and honoring you as a devoted parent because I can only imagine how challenging it is. I’m in awe of how Chloe Faith changed me and the legacy that continues through Blooming Faith Ministries (Chloe = Blooming). Thanks for sharing your kids with the world - even from a distance. Sending you love and mama cuddles Chloe Faith!!!


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