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Care Before the Crisis

Care before the crisis is my description of the ministry I do at my church. Anxiety, depression, divorce, addiction and suicide are at alarming rates.

So many walking wounded with smiley faces. Been there, done that.

That’s why I’m passionate about creating space to proactively heal and grow to minimize the chance of these types of crisis. Time to dig below the surface and to deal with what is really going on. To peel away the stories we tell ourselves and get honest with ourselves and God. To learn new ways to connect with God, ourselves and each other. To gather practical ideas that will help us walk in more freedom, wholeness and peace.

What if we could gather with others who were honest enough to admit life is hard and we often feel tired and empty? And humble enough to stop doing all the things so we can learn, grow and heal? Maybe we could avoid burning out, blowing up relationships, or hurting the people we love because we didn’t take time to put our oxygen mask on first.

This isn't about self-care. It could be considered soul care. I'm talking about allowing God to transform, heal and mature our inner being. Changing us from the inside in a redemptive way.

Let’s do it. If you are in Southern California, join me Saturday, July 20, 9am-12pm at Mending the Soul for Women at Mariners Church, Irvine.

Register are search: Soul. $15. ALL women are invited. Teens too!

If you aren't local, sign up for the blog - my heart pours out in words on a regular basis. If you are currently in crisis, reach out to healthy people in your local church. We all need people - in the same room, looking eye to eye - to be with us like Jesus on our spiritual journey. Particularly when we are in pain, disillusionment, crisis or despair. You aren't alone. Reach out. I'm praying for you.


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