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A Little Yes Can Lead to Healing

Organizing my files and found my Brazen Book Club leader guide. I’m in awe at how saying a “little yes” to lead that study has lead me on a path beyond my imagination. A path of healing + calling.

Summer of 2016, I facilitated my first Book Club. I had never BEEN in a Book Club. Woman from different circles met in my home and on Facebook for the #brazenbookclub by @Leannatankersley.

That “little yes” led to co-leading 300 women through @Marinerswomen Summer Bible Study in 2017. @ShaunaNiequist #presentoverperfect.

That “little yes” led to facilitating #Emotionallyhealthyspirituality through @marinerscareandrecovery in Summer 2018.

Summer 2019 was a mixture of both – speaking at Summer Bible Study and leading EH Discipleship.

Now it is 2020. I am speaking at #MarinersWomen #Awaken on the topic of Delight! And co-leading #MendingtheSoul for Couples. Opportunities to co-lead and teach under the church leaders who have led me. Mind blown with humble gratitude.

Those little yes’s led me here. In hindsight, I see how God was adding chapters to my #epicredemptionstory each summer. What an adventure!

Thank you for all who have allowed me to lead and joined me on the healing journey. When you show up + jump in, it encourages + changes both of us.

Choose a “little yes” this summer and join me at an upcoming online event. All are welcome! Summer isn’t over yet – let’s make it memorable. Registration links found on my Speaking page.


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