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Welcome, Soul Sister!


I'm Kirsten, I speak + write for women who...

  • appreciate authentic + real

  • desire freedom, soul nourishment + deeper wholeness.

  • seek companions on the journey - to encourage, speak truth, and run the race together. Friends who let us share the unedited beauty + brutal of life.

  • know there is fullness + adventure in a life with Jesus + engage to figure out what it looks like in modern life.

  • want (+ need) an epic redemption story in their life.

  • bloom when she sees + hears words of life spoken by a soul-sister who understands.

If you would like a loving, wise, truth-telling friend who loves you just where you are, yet believes Jesus has more for you, join me. I've experienced healing in Christ-filled community + now I create space for women to experience healing too. I share my struggles, successes + learning as an offering for your journey. In 2022, I will be sharing my journey with ovarian cancer. I consider it an honor to speak life into your soul as I'm speaking life into mine.

God is continually inviting us into deeper levels of shalom.




Feeling seen, known & loved.

God writes Epic Redemption Stories.

I encourage us to fully live ours.

Cheering us on as we journey together.

Honor + Blessings,