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Wife, mom, beloved child of God. 

Freedom fighter, hope bearer, and soul encourager. 

As of 2022, an ovarian cancer survivor.

Kirsten's passion is seeing women walk in the freedom and power we already have in Jesus. 

She believes she is living an epic redemption story. The life God had planned before loss, pain, shame, and lies made her feel unlovable. She invites women into healthier ways of thinking and experiential activities to help us practically walk in the abundant life Jesus provides.

Speaking truth with humor and encouraging others to find wholeness and healing through Jesus is Kirsten's jam. Her audiences include MOPS/moms groups, women's gatherings, Bible Studies, and weekend retreats.

Kirsten lives in Orange County, CA where she homeschools her 4th & 7th grade daughters. She served in volunteer leadership at Mariners Church for 9 years and found healing, calling, and a tribe of Soul Sisters. 

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Connect with Kirsten on Insta, Facebook, and via email.

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